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Thora Birch

Real name: Thora Birch
Birthdate: March 11, 1982
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Birch was born in Los Angeles, California, the eldest child of Jack Birch and Carol Connors. Both her parents (who have managed her career and remain her managers right up to the present day) were former adult film actors and her mother appeared in the pornographic film, Deep Throat. Birch, who has a brother named Bolt Birch, is of Jewish, Nordic, and Italian descent. The family's original surname was "Biersch", coming from her German Jewish ancestors. The name 'Thora' is a feminized form of the name Thor, the God of the Sky and of Thunder in Norse mythology. Birch lives in southern California. She is a vegetarian and holds a blue belt in karate.

By 1996, Thora was one of leading child actresses of her generation. She consolidated her position with a leading role in the adventure film, Alaska (1996) in which she plays the role of Jessie Barnes who has moved to Alaska with her father (played by Dirk Benedict) and brother after the death of her mother. Her father is a former airline pilot and upon moving to Alaska, he starts earning a living by delivering supplies to small towns in the Alaskan wilderness in his light aircraft. Whilst making a delivery, his plane crashes into a mountainside. Concluding that not enough was being done to locate him, Jessie and her brother set out on a successful attempt to find him with the help of a baby polar bear.

After guest-starring appearances in the The Outer Limits, Promised Land and Touched By An Angel, Thora took a break from acting for a couple of years. In 1999, she returned in the made-for-TV movie Night Ride Home and also took a small uncredited role in the Natalie Portman film Anywhere But Here. She also was initially cast in the role of Tammy Metzler in the dark-comedy Election, but ended up leaving after only the third day of filming after disagreements with director/writer Alexander Payne. Jessica Campbell was then given the role of Metzler.

- nominations
- 2001 - Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical - Ghost World
- 2000 - BAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actress - American Beauty
- 2002 - MTV Movie Award Best Dressed - Ghost World (2001)
- 2002 - Golden Globe - Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

Thora played a character named Aggie Travers on an episode of this show entitled "The Choice". Her character was a young girl with telekinetic powers. (Aired on April 28, 1995) DVD
- "Promised Land" 1997

Thora was Allison on an episode of this show in which she played a teenage girl who was searching for her long-lost older brother. (Aired on March 18, 1997)
- "Touched By An Angel" 1997

Thora guest-starred as Susan in an episode of this short-lived series entitled "The Maze". In the episode, Thora's character emerges from a maze only to find that most of the Earth's population has disappeared. While Thora's episode was not aired during the original run, it has since been aired internationally by at least one station that picked up the show after its cancellation.
- Music videos
- Moby - "We Are All Made Of Stars"


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