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Utada Hikaru

Real name: Hikaru Utada
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single


Song Name Listen Send to Phone
Utada Hikaru - The Workout Listen Send to Phone
Utada Hikaru - The Workout2 Listen Send to Phone

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Utada Hikaru (宇多田'カル, Utada Hikaru? born January 19, 1983), also known by her fan-nickname of Hikki ('ッキー, Hikkī?), is a third culture Japanese pop singer-songwriter, arranger and record producer.

A month after the album First Love was released, the song "First Love" was released as a single, mostly because of popular demand, and sold 804,000 units cumulatively of its 8cm and 12cm version (with a #4 and #6 peak on Oricon). First Love was Utada’s only album to have merely three single releases, all her subsequent work would contain at least four singles.

"Easy Breezy" was released as the lead single in early August 2004, peaking at #9 Billboard Hot Dance/Club Airplay chart, followed up by "Devil Inside" a month and two weeks later. "Exodus '04" was released at the end of June 2005. The fourth single from her Exodus album, "You Make Me Want to Be a Man", was released in October 2005. "Devil Inside" became a club smash in the U.S. and topped the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Airplay charts, and remains her most successful single release in the U.S..

"This is Love", a track from Utada's upcoming album ULTRA BLUE, hit the radio May 7th. The song became available for download May 31st, making it Utada's first digital sales-exclusive single, "This Is Love." This release was used to promote "ULTRA BLUE," which debuted on radio May 29, 2006 and was released June 14, 2006 physically and June 28th digitally.

The "Utada United 2006" nationwide tour commenced June 30, 2006 and ended on September 12, 2006 after Utada's performances at Yoyogi. This was surprisingly Utada's only other concert tour besides her debut tour with the "Bohemian Summer 2000" concert series, although she did play 5 Budokan Dome-Exclusive shown in 2004. Aside from her Japanese work, the tour's set list featured several tracks from Exodus, her first time performing all-English songs written by herself live. The dates were all cumulatively announced, and ticket sales started on May 28, 2006 with the majority of venues selling out in less than two hours. On September 20, 2006, Exodus was re-released in Japan for ¥1,470. Also to be released in September 2006 was the "Utada Hikaru Single Collection" Volume 4, which will feature all of the music videos for all the Ultra Blue singles, in addition to "A Making" segment for each of them. It will also feature the live internet footage of "Be My Last" and "Passion" which were performed in late 2005. For the week of October 8, 2006, it entered the Oricon Music DVD charts at #1, selling an approximate first-week estimate of 22,000 units.

Despite the announcement of an upcoming English album project, the commercial by ASIENCE Hair Products, which began airing on October 3rd that featured "Stay Gold" came as a great suprise to many fans, critics, and online blogs and sites, as Utada usually states in some form of media several weeks or months in advance the announcement of any new songs she plans to release. Information regarding this song's future release has yet to be confirmed. According to the Utada News Blog, a second CM featuring this same song is due to be released on October 11th, and an article from Listen Japan's website on October 3rd that confirms Utada as the #1 digital artist of 2007, selling a total 10 million downloads of the two song versions of "Flavor of Life" (7.7 million alone) and the three tracks from her "Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry" single.


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