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Welcome to the new Gossip Rocks website. If you are looking for the latest and hottest in celebrity gossip, I suggest you check out the forums by clicking here.

This website is an archive of celebrity profiles. In case you are not up to date with some information on who's who in the celebrity world, you can easily look up famous people in this archive of information. Each celebrity profile shows essential data for all celebrities, their biography, their image gallery, and for musician celebrities even ringtones for all your favorite songs. The archive size at the moment is as follows:

Celebrities: 2,283
Pictures: 111,099
Ringtones: 4,509
Wallpapers: 4,311

You can find celebrity data either by using the search box to look for a specific celebrity, or by looking through the alphabetical celebrity list. If you're bored, you can click "Random Celebrity" - never know what's gonna come up!


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